Inflation and Cost of Living

  • Improving Affordability to Help Families Make Ends Meet: Skyrocketing home and gas prices, and grocery costs are hurting California families. That's why I continue to support policies that make housing more affordable, reduce healthcare costs, and ensure that our families can meet their basic needs without breaking the bank.
  • Addressing the Rising Cost of Living: The rising cost of living affects every family. I am focused on reducing unnecessary regulations, promoting economic policies that benefit all Californians, and easing the financial strain on households. We need to make California more affordable for everyone so that our children and future generations can comfortably live and raise their families here.
  • Easing the Burden at the Pump: Californians are feeling the pinch at the gas pump, paying among the highest gas prices in the country. High gas taxes affect us in every aspect of our lives, especially by increasing the costs of transporting goods, resulting in rising costs for our everyday necessities. That is why I championed legislation proposing a gas tax holiday that would have suspended the state’s 51.1 cent gas tax, and pushed to curtail overregulation of the energy sector that drives up the cost of fuel.
  • Promoting Affordable Housing and Encouraging Homeownership: As a Realtor for over 20 years, I know firsthand that home ownership is a key part of the American Dream. I am committed to addressing the rising costs of housing by promoting policies that encourage the construction of affordable housing, support responsible zoning reform, and provide tax incentives for first-time home buyers. It’s time we address the root causes of the housing crisis by cutting through bureaucratic red tape and streamlining the process to make housing more accessible for all Californians.

Jobs and Economy

  • Lowering the Tax Burden on All Californians: I believe in putting more money back into the pockets of hard working Californians. By lowering taxes, we can stimulate economic growth, cultivate a work force that attracts businesses, and create more job opportunities for everyone.
  • Promoting Policies that Strengthen and Reinvigorate the Economy: The Golden State has long been home to a robust and diverse economy. All business owners deserve the opportunity to expand and flourish without the burden of high taxation and governmental micromanagement. I’ll continue to advocate for pro-business policies, reduce unnecessary regulations, and work towards creating an environment that encourages innovation and job creation.

Border Security, Crime, and Public Safety

  • Taking on the Fentanyl Crisis by Cracking Down on Drug Trafficking: The fentanyl crisis is devastating families across our state, and as a mother of 3, I am deeply concerned about how quickly this deadly drug has infiltrated California and our youth populations. I will prioritize law enforcement efforts to crack down on drug trafficking, and ensure that those who bring these dangerous substances into our communities face consequences.
  • Tackling Crime Rates to Keep Our Families Safe: Public safety is a top priority, and is crucial to fostering strong communities where our families can feel safe and thrive. With recent calls to defund our police, it’s more important than ever that we stand by them. I will support our law enforcement agencies, provide them with the resources they need, and restore law and order by halting efforts to expand the state’s early release of criminals.


  • Caring for Our Veterans and Improving Access to Benefits: Our veterans have sacrificed so much for our country, and it’s our duty to ensure they receive the care and support they deserve. I will advocate for improved access to VA benefits, quality healthcare, jobs, and educational opportunities for our veterans.


  • Empowering Parents and Strengthening Schools: Educational choices and empowering parents in decisions about their children’s education are more important than ever. When I started my career teaching English Language Learners in San Bernardino, I saw firsthand the effect that a good education can have in improving the lives of students. As a former educator and school board member, I am committed to ensuring schools have the resources to modernize classrooms, promote transparency in our student’s curriculums, and provide diverse educational opportunities that cater to individual student’s needs.


  • Modernizing and Improving Infrastructure: Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are among the fastest growing areas in California. I’ve been a resident of the Inland Empire for over 30 years,  and as our area becomes a hub for development, it’s important that we invest in infrastructure to keep up with increased demand. That’s why it’s been a top priority for me to work with state and local governments and regional agencies on major infrastructure projects that would ease traffic congestion and allow families to spend more time at their homes with their families instead of in their cars.